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Hello readers

Dear readers,

I hope that you read this in the best of your health and high spirits.

The other night Alice came to meet me, I think you have met her once in the first chapter of my book , ‘Alice’.

So, she came and she patted my shoulders whilst I was sleeping which woke me up. She gave me a message. She said that she would soon come to meet you…..

I hope that you are eager to meet her. On that note,

I will end this blog. Have a nice day ahead…


Published by Akshiitaa Bhardwaj

Hello, this is Akshiitaa Bhardwaj and I am a 15-year-old girl who is a proud Indian. I started this site as a way to enhance my writing skills. This site not only includes articles but it also consists of various reviews on books. this site is ideal for finding a source for short stories, poems and various other write-ups.

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